Diane joined the Detroit Zoological Society in 2013, after many years as Chief Educational Officer at the Saint Louis Science Center. She is an internationally recognized innovator of informal science education. She began her career in informal science education and community outreach as a part-time floor assistant at the California Science Center, formerly the California Museum of Science and Industry. 

By the time she left for the Saint Louis Science Center, she was the Director of Community Outreach, was actively involved in the YouthALIVE! Project, and had created the Curator Kids program. Attracted to her vision of STEM education as a civil rights issue, and her passion for expanding informal science learning opportunities to under-served communities, the Saint Louis Science Center recruited Diane to establish and head its Department of Public and Community Programs. In this capacity, she created the Youth Exploring Science Program, a four-year, work-based, STEM learning program for teens ages 14-18. 

Since its founding fifteen years ago, the YES Program has grown from 15 students to 250 and is regarded as one of the most successful programs of its type. Diane holds a BA in English from the California State University at Chico and is pursuing her MA in History with a Certificate in Museum Studies.